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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Housekeeping in Mumbai is not merely limited to cleaning the back area of your house and its demand well-trained professionals to carry out surveys, cleanings, evaluation, and final report generation while planning and performing an organized and an environment-friendly residential and commercial cleaning in Mumbai.

Commercial Housekeeping Services in Mumbai

Commercial Cleaning in Mumbai is gaining popularity as the number of IT and Non-IT companies are making Mumbai city their corporate hub. doddamane infra services understand the importance of a healthy working environment on employee’s productivity, safety and on customer’s first impressions. Our well-trained on-site service supervisors and managers provide value-added services to the clients.

With years of experience and knowledge in housekeeping services, Doddamane infra services offers most professional and high-quality residence and commercial cleaning in Sion. We customize our cleaning services to match up with your specific commercial requirements. You can avail our services on weekly, bi-weekly, and on a monthly basis.

As an expert housekeeping service provider in Mumbai, we provide flexible cleaning services in accordance with your time-schedule and the services can take the form of either basic cleaning or deep cleaning procedures. We cover verticals like factories, Hotels, Multiplexes, Restaurants, Education Institutes, Hospitals, Guesthouses, Government organizations, etc. We clean, sanitize and disinfect Society, Sofa and Carpet, Tables and Chairs, Staircase, Glass, Filing Cabinets, And Floors. Our services spectrum includes:-

* Dust ledges, doors, mini-blinds, windowsills, light fixtures, woodwork, ceiling fans, and baseboards
* Parking lot maintenance and emergency clean-up services
* Vacuuming carpets, stairs, rugs, washing and sweeping hard floors
* Cleaning cobwebs, light switch plates, ashtrays, spots on walls, filing cabinets, tables and chairs, carpets( deep-steam cleaning) and upholstery, windows, glass doors, water purification systems
* Washrooms, corridors, elevators, boardrooms, showrooms, lobby, and cafeterias cleaning
* Façade cleaning (Glazed tile cleaning, Aluminum curtain walls etc.)
* Top scrub, strip, and wax floors.
* Cleaning entire residential and commercial societies

Tools and Equipment used for commercial cleaning in Mumbai

As an environment-friendly housekeeping services provider in Mumbai, we make use of less or zero-chemicals and herbal disinfectants cleaning agents. We use branded cleaning machines and soft cleaning tools to avoid any scratches or marks on your valuable floorings and office goods. Some of the common housekeeping methods we employ:- 

* Industrial vacuum cleaners (wet and dry)
* Mechanical sweepers
* Floor scrubbing machines
* Single disc high-speed buffing/burnishing/ polishing machines
* Commercial steam cleaners mainly used for carpet cleaning
* Foam generator machine
* Injection extraction machines for carpets and rugs
* Soft tools used like Dollymops, table and glass dusters, floor and glass wipers, scrubbers, and squeezing buckets
* Disinfectant materials like odonil cubes, fresheners, phenol etc. are used

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