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Having a small lawn in a city like Mumbai is bliss. Amidst the heavy concrete walls, a patch of green grass, bordered with seasonal flowers will fill you with freshness. The apartment culture has replaced lawn with balcony garden, now nature lovers are developing small yet sweet garden at terrace area of balcony section.

“We could help you at every step; from planning  a layout to planting the seeds and its maintenance.“

Trees and plants demand care and maintenance. Buying a plant and placing it a pot or soil is not enough, you have to water them regularly. They need fertilizers for proper growth, pesticides to control the attack from insects and pests and substance that make them stronger.

If you are finding it hard to offer proper care to your green friends then you can opt for Gardener Maintenance Services in Mumbai. At Doddamane Infra Services, we provide skilled gardener in Mumbai area. Whether you need them for your personal lawn or require them for apartment park areas, our skilled gardeners are there for you.

Floored with a beautiful landscape of your neighbor’s house? Now you can have your own landscape designed and developed by the skilled team for a perfect look. They have the right knowledge, right equipment and experience to enhance the beauty of any garden area.

Services that we offer:

• Lawn Mowing
• Gardener Services
• Lawn Fertilization
• Lawn Aeration
• Weed Control
• Lawn Seeding
• Lawn Maintenance

Rely on our expert gardeners for residential and commercial lawn and park maintenance service. Our affordable price and commendable service have made us one of the most trusted gardener service providers.

Active in Sion and Mumbai area, our expert gardener is perfect for small lawns as well as for big parks, request a quote or call us to discuss more our services. Our Gardener Maintenance Services in Mumbai has helped many residential and commercial clients in maintaining a lush green lawn area.